Good and Bad Dental Hygiene Job Interview Appearance Choices

There are lots of wrongs and rights when it comes to choosing your appearance for a dental hygiene job interview. What you wear really does make a difference – the margin between the successful candidates and several of the unsuccessful ones in dental hygiene can be very thin at times because the market is so saturated.Good and Bad Dental Hygiene Job Interview Appearance Choices

Since you have lots of choices, let’s talk about what works and what doesn’t.

Keep in mind (disclaimer time – lol), while this comes from my own experience and doing lots of research, you may find some variations to these tips that are acceptable. My hope is mostly to get you thinking about these things so you can make great choices.


Wear a pant suit, dress, or skirt suit with an appropriate blouse or top. Conservative tones and solid patterns are also advisable. Avoid sleeveless tops and make sure skirts are an appropriate length (not too high). No scrubs (unless it’s a working interview – make sure you clarify that ahead of time). No jeans.


Shouldn’t have to say it but make sure it’s washed that day. Long hair is often best tied neatly in the back. It’s popular to color hair entirely or in strands, consider going natural, but at bare minimum highlight it conservatively.


Heels are okay, just don’t break out the four-inchers for your interview. You want to be comfortable, but mostly you want to be able to walk. Avoid open-toe shoes.


Keep them neatly cut with a conservative color.

Tattoos and Piercings

If you like tattoos that’s okay, but avoid showing them all off – win the employer over with your personality just in case they think tattoos are ugly. Piercings are similar, and fortunately can often be removed ahead of time. In fact, simplify your jewelry ensemble and if you like a lot of it, leave a lot of it at home.


Be very cautious about the scent you give off. It may be pleasing to you but not to others if it’s too strong or something that conjures up a bad memory, so keep it minimal.

In summary, everything counts – you are being judged from many different angles in a job interview and you simply don’t know who you is going to be accepting of your style so it’s best to strive for that awesome-average look when it comes to dress.